Ivander's Omtankar - Tanke om

Tanke om

Jag har fått ett uppdrag (utmaning) av Jenny
med väl definierat innehåll, men utan att veta syftet,
att skriva en dikt på engelska....
Here we go
Alive is being only at continuum moments “now”
I can see, smell, hear and feel the surrounding World
My mind, a purple rose, blossom in my heart
with all my dear ones, places of love, flowers, trees and birds around.
This is the breath of mind, my entire consciousness.
I search my thought to give away.
My passion, gratitude and happiness for this thought is deep
and so I stay awake in universal harmony
until my inner thought become myself and God in one.
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Jättefin! Verkligen. Gripande och ... omfattar allt. Tack!